Thursday, March 13, 2008

Introduction - My First Post

Here I am reading all these posts on the net about how cool and important a blog is... so, to be able to speak from experience, this is my blog... mi cassa, muj domov, ma maison, my blogging home on the net.

One of my passions is photography and I suppose that this is as good a topic to base a blog on as any. I plan to post thoughts, events, pictures and just have fun with it here and see if this blogging *thang* is what it is cracked up to be.
I'll just maybe start off by rambling off some entries about photography basics and take it from there. I don't mean to write the definitive blog on photography, nor is it my desire to become photography central... this is something that I am passionate about. It's almost more for me than anyone else but if some of the posts here help some poeple, awesome!

So with that in mind... here we go!