Tuesday, August 2, 2011

03 - Firmware Updates for your ControlTL units

One of the very first tasks one should do shortly after taking out the unit from it's package and installing the batteries, is updating the firmware. Since it is the most feature rich and the least problematic, I highly suggest that all Nikon users update their firmware to the latest BETA firmware available from Pocket Wizard. Normally, I do not condone the installation of beta software, bcause it may install or create a problem that you did not have before, but so far, Pocket Wizard have been really good about it and not released a beta with any major issues... in fact, so far, the betas have been much better than the public releases.

So, how is it done? I've made a short video detailing the process on a FlexTT5. The process is identical when updating a MiniTT1.

Be aware that you need to install the PW Configuration Utility which you can download from PW for free. The latest version at the time of the making of this video was v.1.35.  HERE is the link to that page from where you may download this software.

This site did not let me upload a very high quality video, and actually shrank it quite a bit.  Though only marginally better, the YouTube version is a touch better.  If you have reeeeeeally good eyes, view it here, else just double click it to get to the YOUTUBE site and once there, if you again doule click it, get it in full screen mode, which, though its not great is of good enough quality to be able to let you see what you need to do the upgrade process.

A final note... PW suggests that you upgrade all your units at the same time.  I will suggest that if you have more than 2 units, that you upgrade only 2 at first, and test them to be sure that the new firmware doesn't introduce any new challenges.  If your tests are successful, upgrade all your units to the same firmware version.  This is one of the small concessions one must make when playing with beta software.

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