Friday, May 15, 2009

Pocket Wizard Bracket

The Ultimate PW II Bracket... for a mealsy $1.50... interested?

Here is how I did mine:

I went into the dollar store and picked up 2 of these small clamps for a dollar. That and a 1 inch 1/4-20 bolt, nut, locking washer and a wing nut are all you need.

Here are pics of all the parts you need:

Drill a hole of the right size in the bracket.

Insert the screw and lock washer.

Install the nut and tighten. I used a little bit of automotive LOCTITE
to make sure the screw never loosens or falls off.

Install the wing nut in the manner shown:

The PW II has a 1/4-20 hole in the back of it, screw it to the bolt and align in the orientation that you wish. To make it snug, lightly twist the wing nut against the PW to hold it in the angle that you want (the ideal is always antenna facing upwards).

This is how it looks attached to a lightstand.

The fit is very snug and using these clamps one can put
them on small/thin or large/thick lightstands.

A quick look from the rear, one can see how it looks. It is very effective as a PW holder.

I've made two of these and the total cost was still well under $2.00, a tenth of the price of other aftermarket PW holders that I have seen on the market, and more versatile too!

Total time to make this clamp... under 2 minutes. It took me longer to assemble the tools than to make this PW holder! Cheap, easy, fast *and* IMHO better than any current solution on the market... what more can you ask for?