Monday, August 1, 2011

00 - ControlTL for Nikon Users

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This is a new section on my blog, focused on Pocket Wizard triggers.  Mostly all about the latest version called ControlTL (or "Control The Light"), but I also will touch on the Plus II versions a bit.

I know that in other places on this blog I discuss my initial preview and impression of the units days after they were released to the public as well as some other things about them, however, here, I want to present a more structured base of information. Don't forget, this site is more for me than others, its just a place for me to have some fun blogging about things I like to talk about.  If it helps others, thats cool, but that is not the primary goal of anything that I place here.

Just a small note... I am a Nikon shooter, the aspect from which these posts are based on, will be from that aspect, so though a lot of this is applicable to all versions, some of the information may not apply to Canon users.

I want to start at the beginning, from the very basics to the more advanced features.  My goal is to speak of my experiences, what I learn and the features of the ControlTL units from my own personal experiences.  I don't want to make the definitive site about ControlTL units... for that, you can go to, they will always have more information there than I.

This is currently a work in progress and I will add more info as I work on this section of the blog.

My basic layout at this time will be the following set of articles, however, I will more than likely add, change or re-order to suit a logical advancement of knowledge concerning these units over time. Here is my predicted content that I will add:

- Basic description
- Batteries... primary and rechargeable
- How to: Firmware updates
- A more detailed look at the Configuration Software
- How to: Factory Resets, partial and complete
- Basic use, 1 MiniTT1 and 1 FlexTT5
- Controlling flashes with an SB-800 or SB-900 as the commander
- Controlling flashes with the AC3 commander
- The Nikon High Speed Sync hack trick with the Plus II units
- The Nikon High Speed Sync hack trick with the ControlTL units
- Hypersync... what is it and what are the advantages of using it?
- How to: Hypersync with speedlights
- How to: Hypersync with studio heads (monolights)
- Speedcycler with the AC3 and 3 speedlights
- How to:  Mix and match TTL and manual controls
- How to: Mix and match speedlights and studio heads (monolights)

If you have any comments (good or bad), questions about anything I have written here or something you might want me to add, feel free to contact me:


Jerry P.H.

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